Come and See…Is it for me?

Are you challenged in your daily life; family, work, school, church?

Have you wondered, “What am I doing to make the world a better place?”

Come and See… Go and Tell/Cursillo can offer support for your efforts to live into your Baptismal Covenant.

Come and See… Go and Tell/Cursillo is the Diocese of Olympia’s expression of the Cursillo ministry.  A guest will experience God’s love accompanied by Christ’s healing and grace. This gift of love, healing and forgiveness moves people to respond to live out faith in as described in our Baptismal Covenant. (BCP pp. 304- 305)

The Come and See… Go and Tell experience has two major components, the Three-Day weekend and the Fourth Day, which is the rest of your life.  The experience begins with a Three-Day weekend in a safe and comfortable environment, presented as a series of short talks by lay people and clergy, with interactive discussion in small groups.

A guest can expect opportunities for study, reflection, prayer, worship, group sharing, music, fellowship, good food, unconditional love and more.

How is this different from most retreats?  You will discover that

  • you are part of a much larger Christian community that
    • eagerly bathes the weekend experience in prayer,
    • often attends the weekend Closing service to welcome new Cursillistas into the community, and
    • supports you in your walk with Christ after the weekend.
  • The Come and See… Go and Tell weekend simply begins a journey into the Fourth Day, the rest of your life.