Helping others to Come and See

Serve on a Team

Serving on a weekend team is an incredibly fulfilling experience so we want to make sure that team service is available to all members of our community. Please fill out this form if you are interested in serving on an upcoming weekend. The leader for an upcoming weekend may contact you

Download a Come and See… Go and Tell Team Interest Form

Each weekend leader picks the team from all available servants. If you are not called for the next weekend, we will keep your information on file.

Send in a Grace Note (Palanca) to support a candidate
Grace Note form  (for sponsors to send to the guest’s friends and family; WORD document)
Update your team profile

Fourth Day Alumni/Alumnae Profile (Time and Talent form)

Share a meaningful link

Please let us know if you have a favorite Come and See…Go and Tell related link that our area Fourth Day Alumni/Alumnae would find helpful. Please email the Web Manager.