From Cursillo to Come and See

A Glossary of Key Terms and Expressions

This glossary reflects the effort to use words most people understand.

Agapé                                All of God’s love and affection poured out everywhere, in a multitude of manifestations, often at the hands of God’s people.

Agapé Feast                  A special meal during the Cursillo weekend representing God’s banquet table.

Agapé Team                  Weekend team and outside community support for the weekend.

Cha/s                                Weekend liaisons between Talk Team and support teams; Chas focus on meeting the physical needs of guests and the logistical needs in the Gathering Room.

Closing                            The closing worship on Sunday afternoon. The larger community is encouraged to attend in order to welcome the newest Cursillistas.

Come and See… Go and Tell        The weekend retreat is a short course in Christianity, providing an experience of God’s love in community while learning to live out our baptismal vows. It is an expression of the Fourth Day movement in the Diocese of Olympia and an outgrowth of Cursillo.

Cursillo                             A spiritual renewal experience, originating in Spain post-WWII. The Cursillo journey begins with a retreat that is intended to strengthen one’s relationship with God, stimulate personal growth, and encourage discernment of one’s calling to fulfill the baptismal covenant.

Cursillista                         An individual who has experienced a Cursillo weekend and continues to live into their spiritual renewal via the Fourth Day. (“kur see ees ta”)

“De Colores!”                 A traditional Spanish greeting that references the colors of God’s creation. It is also the traditional greeting within the global Cursillo community. No comparable English expression exists.   (“day co lo res”)

Facility Liaison               A liaison between team and facility staff on a Come and See weekend.

Flower shower               Bouquets assembled by the Agapé team to demonstrate God’s extravagance, presented to the guests on the last day of the retreat at a time determined by team leadership.

Fourth Day                      This expression refers to the rest of one’s life after the Come and See… Go and Tell/Cursillo weekend. Fourth Day entails actively living out one’s baptismal vows in parish life and as a beacon of God’s love in the world.  See Reunion Group.

Gathering Room           The physical space at the retreat where talks and discussions take place.

Grace Notes                   Personal messages to guests, encouraging their growing relationships with God.

Guest An attendee on the weekend.

Leader                               The lay leader for a weekend who is responsible for assembling and leading the weekend.

Co-Leader                       The Leader’s right-hand companion, an experienced weekend leader who serves as a resource/mentor for the Leader.

Observing  Leader         A potential future weekend Leader, watching and learning through team meetings and the weekend.

Music Leader                    One who leads the weekend music team while working closely with clergy and the Core Team.

Onward!                               A greeting of encouragement among the Fourth Day community, “Onward!” has its roots in the earliest Cursillo experiences.

Pay It Forward                  A faith-based approach to funding future Come and See weekends, the goal of which is to eliminate the up-front cost of attending or working a weekend.

Prayer and Praise  Potluck         A gathering of the Fourth Day community to share simple worship and fellowship.

Reunion Group                A traditional Christian practice which involves a small group meeting together regularly in order to encourage spiritual growth in one another; “grouping.”

Secretariat                         The governing body (Vestry) of Come and See… Go and Tell/Cursillo,

Spiritual Director           The leader of the weekend clergy team who is assisted by a few other members of the clergy, including a deacon whenever possible.

Table Leaders                    Discussion facilitators for the weekend table group who use thought-provoking questions to stimulate deeper exploration of concepts presented in the talks. Some Table Leaders may also present talks.

Talks                                        Talks on sequential themes which are presented by lay and clergy team members.

Vigil                                         An intentional, around-the-clock prayer focus in support of the weekend which is usually staffed by community and team members.