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Fourth Day Alumnae Profile

We are often asked, “What haven’t I ever been asked to serve on a team?” The two most common reasons are

(1) we didn’t know you were interested in serving on a team because we don’t have a completed profile for you
– or –
(2) you did submit a profile at one time, but since then we have lost track of you.

How do we lose track of Fourth Day Alumnae? First of all, they move without leaving a forwarding address. If they do leave a forwarding address, the Post Office notifies us and we update the database. Unfortunately, the Post Office does not give us new phone numbers to go with the new address, and phone calls are how Leaders usually recruit team members. Second, Fourth Day Alumnae change their email addresses and don’t notify us. Email is another way we try to communicate, and when an email address is bad, we have no way of knowing what the good one is.

So, please keep in touch! We don’t move and are easy to reach:
Email: secretary@olycursillo.org

Do you want to submit a new profile?

The preferred way to update your contact information is to use our new online form. However, a link to a printable PDF along with mailing directions is included at the bottom of this page.

Hard-copy profile form

Use the link below to download the Profile form, print it out, fill in the blanks, and mail it to the Cursillo Office:
Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Olympia
1551 Tenth Ave. East
Seattle, WA 98102

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